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A Guide to the Different Types of Cleanses


If you search the internet for cleanses, you will find hundreds of different types of these being promoted. And each of these cleanses claim to treat a different set of symptoms using different kinds of methods.


There are many popular cleanses in the market today and below are some of them:


The 30 Days anti-Candida cleanse is designed to remove a type of yeast from your system. The overgrowth of Candida in the intestines leading to headaches, mood swings, and other health problems are attributed to taking in antibiotics, birth control pills, and certain diet factors.


A colon cleanse followed by a special diet to repopulate the intestine with good yeasts can remove excess Candida from the system.


Diarrhea and abdominal issues, skin problems, and various nutrition problems are thought to be potentially caused by parasite infection. Most of us have 80 to 90% parasites in our systems.


Removing these parasites can be done using a parasite cleanse composed of black walnut, wormwood, cloves, and other natural ingredients to kill the parasites and the eggs they deposit in your system and prevent them from coming back.


A kidney cleanse flushes out the kidneys by passing large amounts of water through them or by using diuretics. Consuming watermelon in large quantities is one of the most common kidney cleaning techniques. Another technique is to create tea made with watermelon seed or celery seen which are both powerful diuretics. To learn more about cleansing and weight loss, you can visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dieting.


The fat flush cleanse aims to burn fat using cleansing techniques. This includes liver detoxification with a special diet to take advantage of the body's natural fat burning abilities. You usually follow this cleanse with a special meal plan and exercise to keep weight off.


In India they created the Ayuvedric cleanse which combines eastern philosophy with detoxification to cleanse the body of mental and physical impurities. It is a cleanse with three phases to it. In the first phase you prepare yourself mentally and physically by changing your diet and lifestyle. In the second phase, you perform the actual cleansing, and finally, in the last phase, the rejuvenation phase, you end the fast and use simple diet and meditation to complete the process.


One of the most popular cleanses is the juice cleanse. There are a lot of different types of juice cleanses each replacing food with some type of juice. There are a lot of juice recipes you can use for specific cleansing goals. Some are designed to cleanse the colon, others to cleanse the stomach or enrich the blood.


There are other types of cleanses not mentioned here but let me say that cleansing is not for everyone. You won't get your desired results if you do not do it properly or if you do it excessively. And it can be dangerous to your health. What is important is that you have a comprehensive and detailed program to follow. Read reviews here!